The Spectrio Update Manager (SUM)

The Spectrio Update Manager uses Microsoft Silverlight to provide a rich user experience to our clients. SUM is easy to install and convenient to use. Whether you’re accessing on hold messages, submitting new production requests, scheduling run dates, listening to voice talent and music, tracking the status of your production, or reviewing previously used content, SUM ensures that all of your on hold solutions are easily managed, tracked and modified, from your own desktop.

SUM also provides access to both “ready to use” and “customizable” content, making it easier than ever to collaborate with our creative team to keep your on-hold message productions relevant, entertaining, and up-to-date.

Installing SUM

Spectrio Update Manager (SUM)
Please note that the SUM application is Windows OS compatible only, and the application must be installed using Internet Explorer (preferably IE 11).

If Microsoft Silverlight is NOT installed on your PC, when you run the installation, Microsoft Silverlight will install first. After Silverlight installs, you must return to via Internet Explorer to install the SUM application.

Already Installed?

Spectrio Update Manager (SUM)
Once you have installed SUM you will find the application in your start menu and on your desktop for easy access.

To submit new production requests, track their status, listen to talent and music, and review previously used paragraphs and past recordings, please open the SUM application directly on your computer.